TOC Forms

Transfer of Membership

12890928_940817196034760_1586244553893905864_oReferees wishing to transfer VBRA membership from one branch to another.

Download Transfer Form (PDF 47 KB)

Branch Contact Details Form

A standard form for supplying VBRA branch contact information.

Download Branch Contact Form (PDF 36 KB)

Legal Costs Agreement Form

Referee request to the VBRA to assist the referee to obtain legal advice over a matter arising from the referee’s duties.

Download Legal Costs Agreement Form (PDF 49 KB)

Funding Requests

Application for special financial supportReferee at scorebench chatting

Download Funding Request Form (PDF 39 KB)

Alternative Branch Referee Uniforms

Form to formal request permission to develop a branch uniform.

Download Alternative Branch Referee Uniform Form (PDF 41 KB)

Referee Report Form

Form for referees who are reported and are required to face the TOC Tribunal.

Download Referee Report Form (PDF 146 KB)