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So they have asked you to become a Referee?

A great resource for the beginner referee, everything you need to know to get involved.

Download the ‘So they have asked you to become a Referee’ guide (April 2018)

Technical Officials Registration Fees FAQ

What does it cost to register as a Technical Official with Basketball Victoria?
During the month of December 2021, the fee is $12 pp inclusive of GST & any processing fees and from January 1st to November 30th, 2022 the fee is $17pp inclusive of GST & any processing fees.

Is this fee amount in addition to any player registration (BV license) fee?

What does the registration fee cover?

  1. The registration fee provides you with a license to officiate in Basketball Victoria’s and any affiliated association competitions.
  2. It provides you the opportunity to be accredited and re-accredited within our State.
  3. It provides you with protection through our governance structures and relevant state-wide policies.
  4. It provides an opportunity to represent your State and Country in an officiating capacity.
  5. It also contributes to greater resourcing, new systems, improved association support, a stronger focus on education, training and development and initiatives to improve culture and wellbeing.

Do all Technical Officials pay the same registration fee?
Yes. You register once as a Technical Official and that will cover your activities as a Referee, Referee Coach, Score Table or Statistician for the State of Victoria (Metro & Country). This applies to all BV affiliated competitions and events.

If I officiate at more than one branch, do I have to register at each branch and pay another BV registration fee?
No. You will only pay one BV registration fee however you will have to register with each branch and pay any branch affiliation fees.

Who is exempt from paying the prescribed amount?

  1. All Life members of Basketball Victoria’s TOC
  2. Any Technical Official who does not receive a reimbursement for officiating (e.g., a volunteer)
  3. All current members of the TOC Committee

Do local TOC / Branch Life members have to pay the registration fee?
Yes, however there is a process that allows the local Association/TOC/Branch to cover the cost of this fee

Can the TOC / Branch cover the cost of its members to register with Basketball Victoria as an official?
Yes. There is a process which can facilitate this.

Do officials who have just completed the beginner school and have received their ‘C’ Grade have to pay the relevant registration fee to register?
No. New referees will have to register in the system immediately however their fee will be waived to $0. This is relevant until the next “designated registration month (December)” where they will re-register and pay $12.

If someone is exempt from paying, do they still count as a registered member for voting rights?
Yes. Membership is based on the registering process not based on how much money is collected.

Can our local TOC / Branch collect our affiliation fee via refbook?
Yes. Organisations will be able to manage any add-on fees required for local officiating. You will provide all relevant details (including Bank Account Details) to BV and we will setup the organisation within the system. All affiliation fees will go direct to the bank details provided.

Can our local TOC / Branch set our own affiliation fee amounts and levies?

Will there be a transaction fee that applies to the TOC / Branch affiliation fee?
Yes. It is your decision whether you absorb this transaction fee or pass it on to your members. Every transaction is fully itemised for the customer.

Do we as a local Branch / TOC have to register for GST?
No, the system can determine at the organisation level what the correct GST fee setting is for the appropriate tax status.