TOC Commission and Committees

refTechnical Officials Commission

Rod Bush – Chairperson

Steven Chadd

Ron Clarke

Helen Pawsey

Ray Hunt

Greg Liebelt

Michael Phillips


 Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee assists and advises on the welfare of referees in the areas of protection of rights, health, safety and well being, referee concerns and other issues.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee assists the TOC in relation to various referee awards and to make recommendation when required:


Education Committee

The TOC Education Committee oversees the approval and distribution of resources designed to support referee development in our associations and leagues (via the Elite Referee Committee)

It also acts as a central collective for the TOC referee education material and resources and ensures consistency in material and resources being distributed and used in affiliated associations and leagues.


Grassroots Committee

The Grassroots Committee considers referee education and grading, referee coach education and grading, the development of education resources, how to identify and enhance referee pathways, how to increase referee recruitment and retention, as well as regionalisation and collaboration between branches. It also advises the TOC on matters affecting grassroots basketball, and works with the Melb Utd. VJBL to assist branches to meet their requirements.

Scoretable Committee

The Scoretable Committee oversees the day-to-day running of the Victorian Basketball Scoretable Association (VBSA). This includes training new VBSA members and the ongoing training and evaluations of current members across Victoria.

Tribunal Committee

The Tribunal Committee is responsible for managing all TOC related tribunals.


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