Rules Mechanics and Interpretations

IMG_0112Current Official FIBA Rules approved by FIBA Central Board July 2017, that govern the game of basketball.

FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2017 As approved by FIBA Central Board Mies, Switzerland on 4th July 2017. These rules are valid as of 1st October 2017.

Download Official Basketball Rules 2017 (PDF)


In addition to the Official Rules, FIBA has produced an Official Interpretations document that aims to convert the principles and concepts of the rulebook into practical and specific situations as they might arise during a normal basketball game.

Download FIBA Official Interpretations (PDF 1 MB)

Rules Summary (2014)

A brief summary of the various changes to the Official FIBA Rules from the 2010 rules to the 2014 rules.

Download Official Basketball Rules Summary 2014 (PDF 6 MB)

Three Person Officiating

A detailed presentation on the mechanics of three-person officiating (3PO), focusing on positioning and the principles of 3PO.

Download Three Person Officiating  – Basic Mechanics (PDF 3 MB)

Basketball Equipment

Detailed Official FIBA specifications on equipment and court markings.

Download the Basketball Equipment Policy 2014 (PDF 841 KB)