A range of resources are available to all current and perspective referees, referee coaches, administrators and the wider basketball community.


VBRA Newsletter

June 2017


Useful resources:


Player/spectator/coach behaviour

A link to access a collection of posters and graphics.


So they’ve asked you to become a referee?

This booklet is an introduction to the rules of basketball based on the FIBA rules.

Download the ‘So they’ve asked you to become a referee” booklet (PDF 1MB)


Myths and misunderstandings 

This document outlines a range of common myths and misunderstandings associated with the rules of the game.

Download the Myths and Misunderstandings document (PDF 115KB)


A referees guide to tribunals

Basketball Victoria has passed Tribunals By-laws to prescribe the manner in which reports are made and the matters then heard by a Tribunal. There are Tribunals established across the State.

The By-laws are made for the protection of all participants in basketball. There is particular emphasis in the offences under the By-laws on protection of officials, with considerably heavier penalties for offences committed against officials.

View the guide to tribunals

Download a report form


Current Official Basketball Rules – Official Interpretations (valid as at 1st March, 2017)

The interpretation presenting in this document are the FIBA Official Interpretations of the FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2014 and are effective as of March 1, 2017. This document supersedes all previously published FIBA Official Interpretations.

View the current Official Basketball Rules (PDF 1MB)