In the documents filed here, the name VBRA (Victorian Basketball Referees Association) refers to the name of the group that previously oversaw basketball referees in the state. It is still being used internally in correspondence, and in essence is interchangeable with the title TOC (Technical Officials Commission)

Male Referee making callTOC Rules of Management

Detailed document identifying all aspects of the TOC and its management processes. The TOC coordinates and controls the activities of its members, represent its members and provide opportunities for officials to reach their full potential.

Download the TOC Rules of Management (PDF 200 KB)

TOC By-laws

Document addressing part-time membership, legal consultation, awards and refereeing family members.

Download TOC By-laws (PDF 122 kB)

Tribunal By-laws

The main objective of the TOC Tribunal with respect to referees is to ensure that reports concerning the conduct of members of the TOC are dealt with fairly, impartially and consistently.

Download TOC Tribunal By-Laws (PDF 238 KB)

Legal Consultation

Where a licensed member, may benefit from legal advice because of a situation resulting from the member’s activities the TOC will consider reimbursing the cost of the initial consultation with a lawyer of the TOC’s choice.

Download Information Sheet (PDF 78 KB)

Officials Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour has been developed by Basketball Victoria to guide participants on Basketball Victoria’s official standards and expectations in regards to behaviour.

Download Officials Code of Behaviour (PDF 93 KB)

Referees Currently Under Suspension

The Referees Currently Under Suspension list is current as at 5 February 2018.

Download Referees Under Suspension Document (PDF)

Social Media

These guidelines establish  purpose is to establish appropriate social media conduct and warn and protect officials from inappropriate behaviour on social media.

Download Social Media Guidelines for Referees (PDF 185 KB)

Social Network Sites
Comments on the use of social network sites and the potential problems of referees commenting on such sites.

Download more information (PDF 119 KB)

Recruitment, Retention and Education of Referees

FIBA has embarked on a process of assisting National Federations to standardize recruitment, retention and education of referees.

Download Information (PDF 2 MB)