Fitness for Officiating

Guy RefAll referees require a base level of fitness in order to appropriately service the games to which they have been appointed. It is understood that at a domestic level, referees may well be required to work a number of games in succession and correspondingly, will need to ‘pace’ themselves to cover the required games to a suitable standard.

As referees move into more elite leagues, fitness demands increase. This usually requires the passing of an annual fitness test before a referee can be considered for a League game.

At League level, the requirements (as listed below) are understandably more demanding. Officials wishing to participate in state elite Leagues, will need to complete the FIBA fitness test as detailed below. In addition, a sprint test must also be completed.

FIBA Fitness Manual

The manual provides fitness and training guidelines for all basketball referees.

Download FIBA Physical Fitness Manual (PDF 5 MB)

FIBA Oceania Physical Training 2016

Informative data and results of fitness testing of referees at various international events, along with related suggestions for pre-game warm-ups.

Download FIBA Physical Training 2016 (PDF 4 MB)