Technical Officials Department – Top Areas of Support

BASKETBALL Victoria recognises the importance of our referees and referee coaches in regard to their development.

There are full time employees devoted to referees in our Technical Officials Department and we provide the following services to our Metropolitan and Country associations to assist them in developing their referee program.

With the addition of Tim Mills and Nathan Williams joining the team earlier this year, it showed Basketball Victoria’s intent to deliver high quality referee programs and services to add to referee quality across the state.

“These appointments completed the BV operational team charged with the responsibility of leading the growth, education and retention of referees, referee coaches and referee’s advisors around the state,” Basketball Victoria Operations Manager Grant Wallace said.

“The Technical Officials team of five operational staff is a wonderful investment by the sport in applying our finite resources to arguably the most important segment of our sport.”


Conduct referee courses as required and assist in the training of local people to conduct their own courses.

Community, Level C, B, A and level 1 Referee Course Resources

Grade 2 Referee Coach Course

Grade 3 Referee Coach Course (Advisor)

Grade 3 Referee Coach Course (Leagues)

Provide all the necessary Education and Training Resources for Local Branches and Associations which can include:

On line exams (written and visual)

JotForm – Evaluation Program

Access to Community, Level C, B ,A and level 1 Referee Course  material

Grade 1 Referee Coach and Mentor course material

Conduct Conflict Management sessions for referees

Other topic material on request

Preparation of Referees and Referee Coaches for State League Competitions (MUVJBL, BIG V and CBL)

Theory Test

Fitness Assessments

Points of Emphasis (Leagues)

Rule Variations

Action Days(Points of Emphasis)

Provide clear and achievable pathways for referees and referee coaches

Administration and Rostering of all Referees and Referee Coaches to the MUVJBL, CBL and BIG V competitions along with National Junior Championships nominations.

Assist with the facilitation of regrades for all relevant referees within the Branch/Association.

Conduct refresher courses for current referees, especially when rule changes are implemented.

Maintain and Develop Policies and Procedures for  BV and BVC Affiliated Associations

Maintain a secure Central Database of all referee and referee coach information

Provide information and assist where possible in the recruitment and retention of referees.

Provide training for Association Supervisors and tools and tips for Referees at the Association level.

Promote, prepare and nominate Referees and Referee Coaches for the Southern Cross, Country Cup, BVC representative, Zebra Tournaments and National Junior Championships

Provide scholarships for Referees to attend the annual Jamboree (BVC)

The BV Technical Officials Department is the central point and initial point of contact for all referee matters including all rule clarifications and interpretations.

Engage leagues and competitions structures with an aim of developing referees providing clear achievable pathways for referees and referee coaches.

Work in conjunction with Grass Roots officiating sub-committee (GROS)

Conduct local branch network workshops / forums / advisor meetings

Weekly training reviews, activities, clips and presentations.

Conduct an audit of your referee program and provide an education plan tailored to your needs.

Provide administration support to branches/associations including assisting to arrange score-table course presenters.

For more information on any of the services provided for associations across Victoria, contact the Technical Officials Department with the following contact details.




Technical Officials Manager: Bill Mildenhall – 0409 163 470  or  03 9837 8060


Technical Officials Development – Country: Karin Berry-Smith – 0404 566 587;


Technical Officials Development – Metropolitan: Tim Mills – 0427 232 565;


Technical Officials Appointments Officer: Jo Chu – 0414 931 062;


Technical Officials Administrator: Nathan Williams – 03 9837 8086 or 0427 394 148;


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