2017 TOC Branch & Referee Licence Fees (Metro)

Payment for the 2017 Branch Fee as well as 2017 individual Referee Licence Fees are due and needs to be paid on or before Friday 31 March 2017.

We wish to remind all metro branches that payment for the 2017 Branch Fee ($31:00) as well as 2017 individual Referee Licence Fees ($31:00) are due and need to be paid on or before Friday 31 March 2017.

The TOC has introduced a cut off date of March 31st. for the payment of these amounts, along with a penalty for payments received after this date (subject to specified exceptions). 

The TOC believe this is a positive move in that it will ensure all branches are operating under the same rules/expectations. Currently we have some branches who pay their fees early in the year, while others are still submitting them as late as July/August.

The completed listing of Referee Contact Details also needs to be provided by that date (I have attached the 2017 Blank Spreadsheet for your info – (Please do not change the format of the spreadsheet). 

If you require a copy of your 2016 Spreadsheet, to assist with population of data, please forward a request to me via email, or give me a call.

Pat Crowe
TOC Referee Administrator

2017 Blank Branch Listing Document

There are a number of ways Branches can register:

1.     Using the FSP online registration system, 

2.     Sending a cheque to the TOC (made payable to Basketball Victoria), (please forward to the TOC, via me at the address below, with a note stating what the amount is for.)

3.     EFT Payment. A document (TOC EFT Banking Details) is attached to this email detailing what steps you need to make a payment via EFT.


For those that register online via the FSP System, we will generate the Referee Contact Details needed (This is Basketball Victoria’s preferred method of registering).


Referees & Branches who wish to re-register their officials after the 31st March 2017, will be required to pay an additional amount of $9:00 bringing the payment to $40:00 per referee.


Newly graded referees, who register for the first time in 2017, will only be required pay $31:00 regardless of when they register.


If you have any questions, or are still not sure what you need to do, please do not hesitate to contact the TOC Office as soon as possible, to avoid any delays.


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