League Referees Workshop

IF YOU want to be the best you have to learn from the best.

Basketball Victoria Country, BIG V and the Technical Officials Commission (TOC) are proud to host a League Referees Workshop on 12 November at the Wallan Community Centre, Wallan.

Lisa Baptista has an envious refereeing resume – spanning 15 years in the top tiers as an NCAA referee.

She’s traversed both sides of the whistle, having played for the University of San Francisco on a full scholarship from 1979-1983, where her team was top 10 in the nation l and the only women’s team inducted into the USF Hall of fame.

She regularly presents at clinics and officials camps and Baptista can offer a unique insight into how the NCAA referee evaluation system works.

Self-analysis is a major part of the process and Lisa will provide all participants with the tools to effectively self-analyse your games by cutting up your game footage.

All referees who currently officiate in high-calibre competitions – like the CBL, BIG V, and SEABL – will benefit from Lisa’s knowledge as she helps you develop your skills in DVD analysis.

Currently the NBL is heavily involved in self-analysis and video editing from DVD footage, so this is a great start for referees to prepare themselves for officiating in higher leagues as well as improving your overall refereeing performance.

For more information on attending the event, contact Bill Mildenhall (Metropolitan referees) on bill.mildenhall@basketballvictoria.com.au or Karin Berrysmith (Basketball Victoria Country referees) on refs@bvcc.net.au.

The workshop runs from 10am-3pm on Saturday 12 November.

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