Alan Garraway steps down as BIG V Referee Commissioner

Yes it is time.

It time to say to you that on Thursday last I went to the BIG V Office an meet with BIG V CEO Julie Anderson  and say to her… that I will not be continuing in 2017 as the BIG V Referee Commissioner.

After 27 Years I have decided to call it quits. 

There will be no more referee rosters, no more phone calls from referees saying they cannot referee next weekend, no more calls on Saturday and Sunday that there is a referee missing… and no more calls to referees asking where are you and are you refereeing tonight. 

WOW… that sounds like good, quiet weekends coming up.

That leads to one more thing to do.

I just want to give my congratulations again to the referees that received finals and well done to the referees that refereed the final games of each division.

Thank you for all the hard work in the 2016 season and to you that have refereed extra games and filled in at very short notice thank you.

Your dedication to the BIG V Basketball League has been nothing but outstanding.

To the referee coaches, that are great people that wish to help referees take the next step in refereeing and maybe to the NBL or to a World Championships, thank you for your dedication to the referees and to me for your great support during this last season.

Now to all the referees that have refereed in the BIG V Basketball League over all the years I have been involved, thank you, thank you for your great support during all the seasons you have been involved.

No words can say enough to all of you that have made my position a lot easier.

When I have asked you to referee another game you have been only too happy to help out.

In some cases I rang and all you said is what can I do to help and you did. You made the BIG V what it is today a great league.  

Alan Garraway

Alan Garraway has stepped down as BIG V Referee Commissioner after 27 years. Picture: SUPPLIED

To all the referee coaches in this league and some that have refereed and then stepped up to the role as referee coaches thank you for helping the referees over the years to advance to the next level.

Because of you there has been some of our referees that have been through BIG V that have and some now that are refereeing in the NBL, WNBL and SEABL and also some of those referees that have been sent to World Championships and that is the thanks to you for the work and support you have given them. 

Thank you.

I will not be completing giving up basketball however just the position with the BIG V.

May I wish you all the best in your refereeing future, all the best and I hope to be a to catch up one day

All the best to everyone.

Alan Garraway

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